October 06, 2013

Ciate and Lynnderella Lucky Numbers

I decided to used some untrieds today. I am feeling a bit glum so I chose two of the brightest in the drawer and although I am not sure if they are a textbook match, I like the effect!

Ciate applies so well and is opaque over a darker base with two coats. It dries quickly too. Not top coat has been applied to the polish before glitter. It is simply that glossy just on its own. Fab.

Palm Tree (green) is cheerful and vivid but not screaming highlighter pen. Jelly Bean (pink) is a medium dark fuchsia with a crafty blue shimmer, again, knocking the shade down a notch or two from too bright.

 To break up the starkness of the two shades, I chose a Lynnderella glitter called Lucky Numbers. This, although I have had it for months, has not been used. I'm sure I saw someone use it the other day and I think that must have been at the back of my mind. What a surprise this polish is! Apart from the rather obvious red glitters, there is a spooky greeny red shimmer. Very subtle in some lights but when the right light hits it, wow! I think it is captured best in the macro in the bottom right segment of this picture. Seche Vite has been applied to the glittered nails.
See the shimmer? 

Ciate is available from their online store and they very occasionally have silly 50% off sales.

Lynnderella is available from her own eBay store or from Norway Nails. If you go there from here, there is a discount code to get you 10% off. The code is LAQUERLAND (sic) and to use it, you enter the code AFTER you have been transferred back from the PayPal pages. I found this a little confusing at first and missed out on using a code.

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician or a photographer! I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes and this is my way of capturing some of the polishes I love!

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