June 18, 2014

Colors by Llarowe - Gemini Rising and In a Dark Place

Hello! . .

I had a little parcel from Mr Postman today! Inside were two polishes from a lovely lady that we shall call Miss Soprano. She knows who she is and most of my readers might know too! She won't wear green. It might be down to show biz superstition or perhaps it is because she has curly hair. Who knows?
The pictures in this blog have gone. Apologies but I have no idea where they have gone to!

The polishes are both Colors by Llarowe. The first I am showing is called 'In a Dark Place' and it is a forest green shimmery duochrome. When the fingers are turned in the light, different colours in the blue-teal-green spectrum light up. It applies beautifully and really needed just one coat. I painted over OPI "Jade is the new Black". Perfect. I painted my right ring finger with OPI "Russian Navy" as a base for a Lynnderella. That might feature at a later date. 

The second colour is a "wow! Look at this green!" sort of green. I don't know what has gone into it, radioactive magic frogs that have been eating genetically engineered grass? It is vivid. It behaves like a holo but the rainbow is green and blue. Again, it is beautiful to apply. I have heard that this one is a stainer but as I have painted over gels, I'll be ok... won't I?


Another fine pair of polishes from Leah Ann's stables. 

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician or a photographer! I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!
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June 13, 2014

Nerd Week - and the Nerds came in two by two...

This week I wondered about using one brand. Just one brand.  I chose Nerd Lacquer. No real reason except I'd not used them for some time and I have 17 Nerd Lacquers. Time to try them.  The plan is to use two everyday until they have all been used. Or until I am bored. I hope you like my pairings!
A matching base colour has been used as I have scarlet red gel polish on my nails. You might see a peek of the gel in some of the pictures.

All Nerd polishes, in my experience, need to stand upside down for sometime as the glitters fall to the bottom of the bottle. Other than that, and that they need a good shake, they apply well and dry fast. A quick coat of a Seche Vite to give some shine and I am good to go!

Nerd Pinnin' for the Fjords is the blue and Nerd Resolutionary is the pink.I used China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle under the blue and Sinful (Pink Forever) under the pink.

Nerd Outed by a Probot is a blue polish and Entirely Unlike Tea is a nude. Ciate Ferris Wheel (sky blue) and Ciate Bon Bon (nude) were used as base colours.
Probot is a pale sky blue, has teal and white larger accent glitters and lots of smaller silver glitters. It has a silver and blue micro shimmer base.
Tea is a peculiar polish but it works. The base is a mid brown, milky tea if you like, with a lot of silver glitter. There is some glitter that turns blue as the light twists on it and the micro shimmer is pink. Or gold. Or both. 

I cheated today. Well, that isn't strictly true. I liked the Entirely Like Tea so much I wanted to keep it on. So I did and just redid the blue nails. Nails Inc Westminster was my base colour. This is a rich cream purple and like many of Nails Inc creams, applied perfectly. I am not a big fan of NI - they are expensive and a bit faddy - but they do a good cream!

Nerd Cold & Calculating is a rich purple with silver and purple glitters of varying shades and sizes. There is a silver micro shimmer in the mix too. The glitter payoff (I think that is the technical term) is good.

Nerd Rheingold and Carbon Allotrope. The names are definitely intriguing! I used OPI Ogre the top Blue as a base for Rheingold and an OPI called Glamour Game for Carbon Allotrope.This is a pale gold shimmer but I have tinkered with it and cannot remember what it was like before! Both OPIs are excellent to apply and dry fast.

Nerd Rheingold is a teal leaning blue with metallic gold and black glitters. The micro shimmer is electric blue. It seems less sinky than other Nerds and it applies well.

Nerd Carbon Allotrope is a pale green leaning grey tinted white with silver glitters and micro glitters. The texture seems different from other Nerds so maybe this has had thinners or something else added. That said, it applies well and again, has a good glitter payoff. This reminds me of a granite work surface!

Nerd Don't Panic is a grass green polish with various shades, sizes and shapes of green glitter. There is a bright green and orange micro shimmer. I think this could be a full coverage polish with two coats. The base colour is Illamasqua Smash, also a grass green cream polish, quite thick to apply but evens out well. Two coats were needed and as usual I applied Seche Vite over the top.

Nerd The Eye is a tomato coloured polish. I would probably say it is orange rather than red. It has a smattering of black matte hexagonal glitters and gold of various shapes and sizes. The larger gold hexagonals are holographic. The micro shimmer is red and gold. The black hexagonals were a little tricky to find. I applied The Eye over China Glaze Riveting, in itself a lovely orange polish.

There is an eye on the top of the lid!
So this concludes my Nerd week. I know a week usually has 7 days but I am itching to use other brands so my interpretation of a week is a working week, five days!

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician and I am not an expert photographer! I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!

all rights reserved - www.lacquerland.co.uk