November 30, 2014

Sparkly Vernis is a great polish maker ... and a great friend!

Hello! Something very different today! My friend, and established blogger Sparkly Vernis, has been secretly working on a project! Last week we discovered what the project is; she is making her own brand of polish and I have a set of the first range! There are five colours in this first launch. They are all pastel light holographic colours and in the bottle, three look quite similar. On the nail, they are clearly different. From left to right:
  • Gilded Lemon Drops - a pale gold but not at all yellow. 
  • Mint Frosting - a strong icy minty green
  • Cotton Candy Sugar- an icy pink tinted lilac
  • Blurple Ice Cubes - an icy mix of blue and purple
  • Periwinkle Sprinkles - an icy blue; my bottle is named 'Sue's Periwinkle Sprinkles'. :)
 If you go to you can see how the proper bloggers do it! You can buy here and they are $12.99 each with free shipping within the USA. International shipping is flat rate and $25; mine got to me in under a week.

On my left hand I chose Mint Frosting. This is a strongly pigmented minty green. It applies well and two coats were all I needed. Like spreading butter onto hot toast! Dry time was fast and it dries to a semi matte with a strong holo flame. I am not sure my pictures have captured the holo flame.  
I often think this sort of green brings out the redness in my very pale skin. Some friends of mine, also pale, have the same thoughts on wearing this type of colour. I think that is simply how minty greens on pale skin are.

The brush is perfect; it isn't too thin and it isn't too thick. It holds the right amount of polish to get a good even coat. The polish has a creamy texture, full of pigment and holo. The bottle holds 12ml, feels heavy, looks classy and the lid is nicely tapered with a semi-matte finish. The writing on the back of the bottle gives lots of information, probably that required by law, but I can only just read it as the font is very small and in white.

I have a nail injury on this hand and the polish didn't help to hide the bump on my middle nail. This is a feature of all holo or shimmer polishes; the effect relies on a smooth surface and my little nail bandage isn't as smooth as it could have been. I have hidden most pictures that show this!

The second polish I used today - on my right hand - is the Blurple Ice Cubes. This is not quite as opaque as Mint Frosting, but still gave a good covering with two coats. I have some horrible staining on two nails (not from SV polish) and this is almost hidden apart from a tiny bit that the camera saw but my eye didn't...

look at the holo!

Just look at the colour here. It is a sort of blue and a sort of purple. I guess that's why she called it Blurple! There is a pronounced holo flame and the colour dries a frosty lilac on the nails. In some lights it has a light denim blue effect. Again, a fast drying semi matte finish, and I think for this one, I prefer it top coated. A personal preference. 
In summary. I love these polishes. I'd love to see some more colours, more saturated shades of purple and blue and pink etc. All the colours! There is nothing I dislike about the product or the customer service.
If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician or a photographer! Pictures taken with an iPhone 5S. I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!
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