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I am married, a mother of two and live in England! I used to work in IT and since becoming unable to work because of spinal injuries, I have faced major changes to the way I live. I can no longer walk far and suffer from constant back and neck pain. I used to run and enjoy all sorts of exercise! 

A while ago I re-discovered nail polish and through the force that is Facebook, have made many new friends, a few of them are now some of my closest friends! You know who you are!

I have recently discovered the 'blog' and with the encouragement of another friend (you know who you are too) agreed it would be a fun way to occupy my brain. My health problems make it difficult for me to do anything for long,  so I expect my blogs to be short with varying frequency!

This blog is for my own entertainment and everything shown has been paid for by me! 

If you are reading, then you are welcome to comment and feedback is always appreciated. 

I am not a nail technician nor do I claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!

Contact me at susan@lacquerland.co.uk

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