October 29, 2014

Lynnderella - blue micro glitters


Something a little different today. I have several of the micro glitters made by Lynnderella. All are lovely but I was curious as to how close they were. In the bottle there are differences but they are all on the purple side of blue and they all have some holographic sparkles in the mix.

I found they were all similar to apply; not exactly like painting with a normal cream polish, more of a paint/dab technique was needed. Shown is two coats, without topcoat. The final picture is with Seche Vite topcoat and I'd recommend using a thick glossy topcoat. It brings out the sparkle and micro glitter much more effectively than leaving them semi-matte.
Ten Green Bottles, hanging on the wall
No topcoat and I swear those bits were not there!

As you can see, they are (with the exception of my little finger) all very similar but not exactly the same. Couture at the Navy Yard (thumb) is a navy blue; The God Mother Clause (index) is not a true micro glitter and is more of a dense small glitter in a heavily shimmered base; Violet's Dark Side (middle) is a dark violet-navy micro glitter; Thrill Ride (ring) is a purple-blue micro glitter and the little finger is a creamy lilac micro glitter in a heavily shimmered lilac base.

Violet's Dark Side (middle) and Thrill Ride (ring) are to me the closest in colour and effect but differ in the sparkle they throw off. It is difficult to explain why but they are quite different on the nail.

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