February 18, 2014

Enchanted December 13, January 2014 and Lynnderella


I received the latest from Enchanted Polish today. December 2013 was shown on the Big Cartel sale page but January 2014 was a mystery, sold sight unseen. Knowing that I would probably like it, I ordered. I do like it,  December 2013 is more of a mystery; I liked it when I applied it but when I was outside a short while later, I wasn't so sure.

December 2013 is a toffee, very milky coffee type of nude holo. It has a shimmer, to me the colour of brand new pennies. A sort of pinky, copper, sometime light red effect. Unusual.

January 2014 is a dark blue-green-almost charcoal colour. I can see a lighter blue shimmer but the main effect is of a dark blue holo polish.
I have found the newer EPs to be thicker than I'd like. It has the consistency of double cream. This means that you can get away with one coat but the flip side of this is that it is trickier (to me) to apply. I found a second coat dragged a little on the coat below. Maybe I needed to let it dry more than I did. The jury is out for me, I think I prefer the texture of the Imagine series.

Blurry to capture holo effect
The Lynnderella is unnamed. I think it is called Grinchie. Or something. It came to me from a friend. It has a fabulous light green micro-shimmer and holographic green diamonds, stars, circles and smaller glitters, accented by red glitters and hearts. It applied well although some of the larger shapes were clumped together and needed some on nail surgery to place them. One coat of Seche Vite has smoothed it nicely. I might add a further coat to give a glass like effect.

See the holo effect!
Stars and hearts!

I wondered about using some edit techniques on the pictures. My cuticles are suffering from the winter. I decided not to in the end. Those of you who know me know I try hard with the skin around my nails but years of nibbling them have left them vulnerable and the weather doesn't help!

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician or a photographer! I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes! all rights reserved - www.lacquerland.co.uk Follow my blog with Bloglovin