December 21, 2012

Ninja Polish - Melted Snowman

HITS & Ninja Polish

OK, so today is the last day of the world as we know it. If you believe all the information out there. Personally, I doubt it is true. Whether it is because the way we measure time has changed, that leap years were introduced after this prediction or that the Mayan's simply ran out of space on the stone tablet ... who knows?

My polishes today are HITS Hematita and Ninja Polish Melted Snowman. 

Macro of Melted Snowman -
with the infamous snowman eyes
The Hits polish is a plain old silver. It is a little thick to apply and left brush strokes. It didn't look good on its own. So, in my hunt for something to improve the look, I went for the recently arrived Ninja Polish Melted Snowman. I have not seen many polishes that are so well suited to their name; this truly deserves it.

It is a mix of various sizes of matte white glitter, black dots and bars and orange bars all suspended in a slushy icy looking mix, livened up by tiny sparkly bits. 

Salad Days from Dec 19... 
Melted Snowman applies nicely. Some dabbing is required to get the glitters into the right place. Every nail had a piece of carrot and some coal for the snowman's eyes. I didn't get the infamous snowman's eye (where a larger white glitter has a black dot strategically placed to form a snowman's eye...)

After two coats of Seche Vite it was perfectly smooth and glossy. Ninja Polishes are available from and the HITS polish was from

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  1. Why oh why didn't I get Melted snowman...........looks fabulous x


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