August 24, 2013

Leighton Denny Statement Maker and Lynnderella The Best Present 12/24/12

Today I am wearing Leighton Denny Statement Maker and Lynnderella The Best Present 12/24/12.

Leighton Denny is a British celebrity nail tech who has his own brand of quality polishes and nail care products. This particular shade was in a recent set offered by QVC. I didn't want the set but my friend Sally offered me the green. She hates green polish on herself and she knows I am a green freak. Well, not literally. I am not green and I don't think I am a freak. I have red hair and pale skin; green just seems to suit me!

The green is a frosty sage colour with a silvery shimmer running through.

It applies well, no visible brush strokes and the brush is easy to control.

Dry time was reasonable. I used my new favourite topcoat, W7 Diamond Topcoat. It dries quickly and is really cheap! This was free with a purchase some time ago and it retails normally for around £2. Leighton does a range of topcoats and they are great. I just don't have any at the moment.   

Lynnderella The Best Present is the Christmas Eve polish from her limited edition Advent range.

It is a gold and silver glitter polish, crammed with stars, tiny stars, hearts, moons, diamonds and so on. Some of the glitters are insanely holographic.

In the top right third of this picture you can see a picture I took by mistake. I include it as it shows the comet like flashes of colour when this polish hits the light!

The lower right third shows the gold colour of some of the shapes. A slight shift of position and they sparkle like crazy as the light bounces on the holographic surface. You can just see a tiny silver star to the side of the gold diamond.

This picture shows the polish without the holographic elements taking control and pushing the lovely base colour out of the limelight. Two silver stars and various other shapes are visible. I love this combination! I used Seche Vite over the two nails with glitter. I find it performs better over glitter than most other topcoats.

Leighton Denny products are available at various UK locations, some online and some high street. Lynnderella Limited Editions are available from her eBay store.

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments; feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician or a photographer! I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!

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