May 30, 2013

Pure Nail Oil: is it worth it?


I have been using PURE nail oil for some time now and I am impressed with how my cuticles and nails have improved. I had to become a hand model for my daughter to pass her exam in acrylic nail enhancement and have subsequently had infills too so I cannot show the effect on the actual nail plate. I believe the effect on my cuticles speaks for itself. You can read my first commentary on PURE, done in January 2013, by clicking  the link to

Ana, owner of Nail Care HQ gave me lots of advice regarding cuticle care. I had been guilty of constantly pushing back my cuticles. This had given them a bunched up appearance and some redness of the eponychium (cuticle line). I had been a biter in the past, not of my nails but of hangnails. Decades of abuse is probably impossible to repair completely but rigorous application and massage of PURE has improved the condition beyond doubt. 
You can find out more than you'll ever need to know at

I have use one 15ml bottle completely and am part way through my second bottle now. I'd say the bottle lasted 3 months. I guess the only improvement I could suggest is to change the label to be greaseproof! Over time it has become blotched with oil.

Here are some recent pictures!

My nails during treatment with PURE

Pure is available from

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