December 07, 2014

Sparkly Vernis - Gifts and Christmas Specials

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Goodness me, Sparkly has been busy over at Sparkly Towers! No sooner had I tried her first range, Winter 2014 Collection, she offers me a Christmas Special to try! A few days later, from the far side of the USA to the middle(ish) of England, a little white box arrived.

These have no name that I know of, and as they had seasonal stickers where the name would be, we will call them Snowflake and Snowman.

As you can see, Snowflake is a seasonal micro glitter that is choc full of colour. I'd say the base colour is gold with added red and green specks of colour. There is a good sprinkling of holo dust in this mix. A Christmas Pudding for the nails! Will someone find the sixpence?
Snowman looks like a blue holographic micro glitter. It is. Yet, it is so much more sophisticated. There is a rose gold/copper base to this polish with masses of blue and holographic sparks. It is one of the cleverest micro glitters I have seen.

Snowflake was paired with a purple holo that Sparkly included. I haven't heard of the brand before but it is a 'femme couture', called USA Blush. I think it must be a chemist brand (drug store to any American reader) as it has a barcode on the label.

Snowman, shown here in the bottom left corner, is two coats over a bare nail. This shows the copper base shimmer better than when used over a base colour. On my other nails I have a base of one of the OPI Nordic colours, the blurple one. It is a mini so has no name on the base.
Both polishes applied well, I dabbed them on rather than painted, and dry time was fine. I used Poshe 'fast drying basecoat' over the glitters and then a proper topcoat of Seche Vite. The Poshe was another gift from Sparkly; it is a brilliant pre-topcoat for glitters. It seems to settle in the ravines left by the glitter (in micro terms) and lets the topcoat do its job rather than being eaten alive by glitter.

In summary. I love these polishes. Thank you for the opportunity to try them. You can buy the Winter 2014 collection at
If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician or a photographer! Pictures taken with an iPhone 5S. I do not claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!

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