February 08, 2013

Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-mint & OPI Thanks a Windmillion

Have you ever had a polish that you are saving for a special day? One that you love the look of but haven't yet worn? I was like that with Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-mint. It is a lovely pale green, full of aqua micro glitter, gold/ aqua glitters of various sizes and the occasional pale green square. A lovely combination. 

Today I decided to pair it with OPI Thanks a Windmillion. This is a favourite of mine. It is a dusky pale green cream polish, in that formula that OPI do so perfectly. It applies like a dream and is super smooth very quickly.

So, why am I not thrilled? Perhaps I have chosen the wrong colour to wear underneath the Lynnderella. I will have to search for another shade, perhaps lighter than the OPI. It just seems streaky, uneven. Unloved. I cannot fault the polish in the bottle, it is fine. It isn't unduly thick or too runny. Yet, it just didn't apply well for me.

OPI is widely available and this colour is from their Holland collection from 2012. Lynnderella is available from her store on eBay and ships only to the US and Canada.

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician, or a photographer! Nor do I claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes! all rights reserved - www.lacquerland.co.uk

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