February 25, 2013

Zoya Demi & Lynnderella Pentimento


My swap from Lynda arrived! We were introduced to each other in a Polish Swap group and to cut a long story very short, for a random pairing it was amazing how much we had in common. From age to hair colour! My part of the swap made it to the USA quite fast. Lynda's part seemed to have gone missing.

We decided to wait for the recommended time period before deciding what to do next. That day was today. As I was discussing my dog's skin with the vet (as you do) the door bell rang. Postman Pete handed me a stack of letters and a tatty brown (from being handled in the mail system for too long) bag. My heart rate started to increase and then I saw the label! It was Lynda's parcel (I had seen a photo taken before she sent it).

So here are the main contents! There were lots of other things including a San Diego surf board keyring, a US magazine and chocolate and sweeties!

You can see Butter London Fishwife, a polish I have wanted forever. There are 3 Zoyas; Heather, Demi and Robyn.

The polishes, Skittle fashion! Zoya Demi is a rich plum cream polish. It applies smoothly and dries well.

Zoya Heather is a lovely light lilac-pink cream shade. It is a lovely spring colour. I smudged it before it dried sadly and I repainted with Demi after taking this picture.

Zoya Robyn is a fabulous cream bright light blue. Again it applied flawlessly.

Butter London Fishwife is a sheer pale green/blue holographic shade. It is a sheer shade, it is painted over a periwinkle blue in this picture. This is two coats. It applies smoothly and dries quickly. If I was doing it as a proper mani I think I'd have used a different base, perhaps something like OPI Thanks a Windmillion.

I added a coat of Lynnderella Pentimento. This is one of the mixes of colours and white glitters that Lynn does so well. I love almost everything she makes but some of my favourites are in this style. I think she was one of the first to do this type of polish and she does it the best! Seche Vite was my topcoat. 

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician, or a photographer! Nor do I claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes! all rights reserved - www.lacquerland.co.uk


  1. Hooray! This is my favorite post ever :) The combo with the Lynnderella is fantastic...knew you would pick out something great!

  2. Thank you Lynda, I love everything you sent. I was really thrilled when I realised it was actually in my hands in my house!


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