January 02, 2013

Enchanted Polish

Hello! Today I have chosen Enchanted Polish. New colours were launched last night on Enchanted Polish's bigcartel online store. I managed to get three, missing out on one that I would have liked as they sold out so fast! Like within minutes! I have modified my plan to stop buying polish to stop buying as much polish!

I love the variety in this one woman brand, from the most interesting multi-chrome shades in the Beatles collection to the immensely creative glitters in the limited Tooney Lunes set from earlier in 2012 to the stunning holographic colours such as the one I am wearing today.

This beautiful purple holo is from a surprise one-off launched late in 2012. It has the unusual name of December 2012, whether to remind us when it was launched or for some other reason known only to its creator!

I have paired December 2012 with Greetings Earthlings, a mix of various glitters within a holographic soup, combining to a mossy green packed full of sparkles. This collection was limited, I have number 44 from the batch of (I think) 100. I have another from the set of four, the interestingly named 'Don't ever call me Doll'.  

The consistency of the purple holo is rich; it applies slightly thicker than other holographic polishes, and I have used one coat here. It dries reasonably quickly.

You can see the linear holoness bursting from the rich purple. The purple is a regal red leaning purple. It applies very smoothly and has a beautiful smooth finish without any topcaot (as shown here).

On my ring finger I have done a light coat of Greetings Earthlings. The glitter is fairly smooth and lies flat. It is full of holographic dust, small holographic bars and gold small round glitters.

The overall effect is a soft green but I cannot quite work out where the green comes from! It doesn't show green on the nail but is clearly greenish in the bottle. Very clever mixing here.
A close-up of my ring finger and little finger showing the rainbow of colour in both polishes.
Overall, I think this is a fab combination. I love the fact that I could get away with one coat of the purple holo. I have completed the look with one coat of Seche Vite. It has not altered the holgraphic effect as topcoats can sometimes, it has just added the deep shine and smooth finish that SV is famous for.

Enchanted Polish can be difficult to obtain as it sells out so quickly. The usual array of independent nail retailers stock the line and Enchanted has flash sales on her own online store from time to time. Dates and times are usually announced on her Facebook page, often at short notice. Be quick or be disappointed!

This blog is for my own entertainment only and everything shown has been paid for by me!

If you are reading, then you are welcome to comment and feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician nor do I claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!

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  1. December 2012 looks amazing, and I love the combo you did on your accent nail!

    Your blog looks really great =) I found you on Enchanted Polish's facebook. I'm new to the blogging world too!

    1. I shall look at your blog too. Thank you for your kind comments,

  2. Ooh you bagged a December 2012, I'm super jealous :)
    Beautiful swatches xx

    1. Our mutual friend Rachel bought it for me! She has great taste in polish too!

  3. That is a gorgeous purple holo.


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