January 22, 2013

Lynnderella - The Present is a Gift & Kiko 400

Today I am wearing two polishes new to me. The base is Kiko 400, a gunmetal holographic that went to market during mid 2012 and Lynnderella 'The Present is a Gift', part of her Christmas 2012 collection.

The Lynnderella is very typical of Lynn's work; a clear base chock full of zillions of shapes and colours. 

I can see black squares of two different sizes, aqua, lilacs, pale green and pink hex shapes. There may be silver there too or it could be the way the light is bouncing from the foil glitters. I'm sure there is a micro holographic sparkle.

Kiko 400 is one of a set of four holographic polishes by Kiko. I have known of them for ages but never tried them. Tempted by sale prices (they are already reasonably priced) I bought some, mainly as I was involved with a swap and this was on a wishlist. It would have been unfair not to keep any for myself!

Lit by an artificial daylight lamp

The formula is perfect. Thick and paints easily. My pictures are of one coat with no topcoat. This is painted over my normal RCM gel but no other formal base. The holo effect is strong in normal internal light. When the artificial (or sun but we have no sun) light hits it, the effect is a strong rainbow of linear holoness!

The Lynnderella brush came out of the bottle loaded with glitters. I might have preferred a sparser finish but this is fine! Just one coat with a quick dab here and there to place the black squares. A quick coat or two of Seche Vite and I'm all done! 

All those colours!
Black squares!

If you are reading, then I'd love your comments, feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician, or a photographer! Nor do I claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!all rights reserved - www.lacquerland.co.uk

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