January 18, 2013

Nail Oil - my three day challenge


OK. Since I have been wearing polish every day, I have been fairly unconcerned about the state of my naked nails. They were hidden by some very pretty polish!  To be honest, I feel polish has protected them. I certainly don't have the same issues with peeling nails and I think nail polish has acted as a barrier from water, knocks and scrapes.

I have used oils, Vaseline and balms on my cuticles and they help. If I don't, the skin dries and cracks within days and it feels sore and looks worse.

So it was with interest that I have been reading about the three day challenge by Anamarie from SimpleNailArtTips.com/oil. She has created a formula based on a jojoba oil blend that seems to work miracles. She sells her oil but also, and interestingly, gives the recipe freely! The science bit about why jojoba is explained on her web site.

I have most of the ingredients at home as I like to make my own oil blends, so I decided to take up the challenge using my own concoction based on Anamarie's recipe. I had become concerned at the condition and appearance of my naked nails and as I have already said, I need to moisturise my cuticles constantly!

Naked, before
Naked, before

Notice the crack on the little finger nail

The hardest part of the challenge is going naked for three whole days. That is 72 hours!

You can read about the how and why at SimpleNailArtTips.com but in a nutshell I have applied oil to my nail plate and cuticle several times for three days. For the first 48 hours, for me, this meant three times an hour. My nails were drinking the stuff. After almost 48 hours to the dot, the rate of absorption  began to slow and I had to apply oil less often.

Today, the 72 hours is over. My nails look better and feel fantastic, smooth, glossy and not oily in any way. The cracked nail on my little finger feels smoother and the nail bruises (the white marks) have not vanished. The white of my free edge seems whiter and the staining from months of nail polish is much improved.

To conclude, the jojoba based oil treatment gets a massive seal of approval from me.

Information about jojoba and Anamarie's blend of oil is available at  www.SimpleNailArtTips.com/Oil"

This blog is for my own entertainment and everything shown has been paid for by me! 

If you are reading, then you are welcome to comment and feedback is always appreciated. I am not a nail technician, or a photographer!  Nor do I claim to have fantastic nails. I simply own some fabulous polishes!

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  1. Wow! Such a big improvement in just 3 days!! Your nails looks so moisturized and healthy. I have to wear my nails naked for a few days every couple of weeks to prevent splitting and pealing, and usually I use CND Solar Oil, which I've found works really well. I might have to try this though! Can you post the recipe?

    1. The recipe is on Anamarie's web site but the key ingredient is jojoba oil. http://www.simplenailarttips.com/products/pure-cuticle-oil

  2. Great post! And your nails look sooooo much better!

    I'm so happy that you found the recipe helpful. Did you find it challenging to go 3 days without polish?

    Ana from SimpleNailArtTips.com and NailCareHQ.com

    1. I think the thought of three days naked was more daunting than the actuality... once I saw how much oil they were drinking in, it was easy to carry on. They looked better after one day so I was intrigued to see how much they would take to stop absorbing so much!

  3. Do you have the option for GFC? After you've joined the British Nail group I was going to follow your blog, but can't seem to see it.

    1. I will look into that ! I'm new to all of this!


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